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Benefits of Membership(Example)

  1. Secure business opportunities in the Kampo-related fields:

    (1) Production・Policy・Collaboration

    • Promote industrialization through cooperation with local governments(On-site, Special districts, etc.)
    • Collaboration with Cooperative Organizations (Corporate・Medical Institutions・Research Organizations)

    (2) Industrial Development

    • R&D、Production pipeline、Realization of concrete industrialization initiatives, such as market expansion
    • Joint application for the proof of business concept registration
    • Overseas business development(Inbound and outbound)
  2. Gathering the latest information, and technical knowledge:

    • Seminars and study sessions given by experts from the Central Gov.、Local Govs.、and Academia
    • Gathering information and understanding how Foreign and Domestic legal systems regard Kampo. Understanding the structure of relationships within compendium of Kampo-related fields
    • Sharing the results of Kampo-industry related research.
  3. Developing the appeal of our consortium’s products and services

    • Spreading information about Kampo industrialization, and the products and services of our Consortium and its members
    • Policy proposals to national and local governments, and the global community.
    • Using a registered trademark(branding, etc.)※Tentative plan.

Admission Information

Kampo Industrialization Research Association will begin to review membership applications, according to the following classification and fee scheme:

Classes of Membership
Membership Type Applicable Entities Yearly Dues
(Exc. Tax)
Corporate Member Individuals and all corporations
(except cooperative organizations).
Individual Member Individuals 100,000JPY
Cooperative Member Government office,
Public research institutes(Organizations)
(No fee)

※Please contact the Secretariat for details.

Membership Application Process

To initiate the membership application or request information, please send an e-mail to, including the following information:

  • Desired membership type【 Corporate/ Individual/ Cooperative】
  • Official name of organization
  • Contact person
  • Address
  • Phone number

Please read the membership agreement at the time of enrollment, which requires a written oath: Members must assure the Consortium that they have no connections to any criminal/anti-social organizations, and that they have never had such connections in the past. Also, receipt of any financial contributions from such organizations is a disqualifier. If evidence of such contributions or of any affiliation to such organizations are discovered after membership is granted, then the membership will be voided.

Contact Information

【Secretariat, Kampo Industrialization Consortium】

13-18, Yotsuyasanei-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 160-0008

e-mail :