About us

About us

Kampo as a sixth industry in Japan

「一般社団法人漢方産業化推進研究会(Kampo Industralization Consortium)」is a community made in 2013 in which prefectures in Japan that give effort to industrialize kampo (Kanagawa Toyama, Nara) and various companies gather to exchange ideas and information on this topic. As we are going to make a fresh start as a general incorporated association, I have had the honour to receive an official appointment as the representative of board of directors. I accepted this in hope to contribute to the future of this country with all my best.

This community has industrialization of kampo at its center interest. And along this, we aim to discuss about productization of herbs, development of medical equipment and systems and as far as globally expanding these ideas.

So, “Why is industralizing kampo important now?”

In Japan, we are facing a serious problem of aging population, which is causing a shift to our conventional methods of treating the “disease” to treating the “people”. We believe the fact that kampo is a holistic method that treats not only the disease but also looking into the patient's psychological and social aspects comprehensively, will be essential from now on.

But in reality, we depend on herbas produced in China which covers over 82% of what we use for all Kampo activity in Japan. We believe that ending this current situation and constructing a stable domestic supply system within the country is an urgent issue. Also, there is a global demand for safe and secure Japanese herbal medicine with solid traceability systems which shows us high potential as Kampo becoming an strong industry.

Growing medicinal herbs and trees as an added-value industry in the area that agricultural activity is declining due to lack of workers would act as an immediate antidote. Alongside with this, we believe that it will help revitalize the many abandoned cultivation area and the vitality of inter-mountainous areas scattered all over Japan.

As a final result of active discussion throughout 2013, we made a proposal “To make a National Strategic Special Zone for Kampo as an Japan revival strategy” and sorted issues that surround them. By putting our forces together, we hope to create new services and industries that can be announced to the world by connecting the theme of “prevention of diseases” “medical care” and “caregiving”.

Mission Statement

Kampo Industrialization Consortium was established with the theme of promoting Japanese-oriental medicine related fields and products (“Kampo”): from the cultivating medicinal herbs to manufacturing products or the development of medical uses and industrialization systems. Aside from these goals, the Consortium is also focused on promoting Kampo overseas.

This consortium hopes to encourage the collaboration between progressive local governments and innovative businesses. We work towards the development of a system to promote Kampo and distribute it around the world. By helping promoting growth of the Kampo industry, in-turn we hope to contribute to the overall revival of the Japanese economy and communities, and work towards a sustainable national social security system.

Business Objectives

Through industrialization support, policy proposals, information spreading and research efforts – we hope to achieve a complete “Kampo-value chain” (※) for our nation.

※In regards to Kampo-related fields, the value chain is the entire flow from production (sourcing, manufacturing, cultivation) to downstream products, effects, and utilization (general Kampo consumption, medical treatments, data analysis, personnel training etc.)

Specific contents the joint activities

  1. Industrialization Support
    Various Kampo-related consultation, industrialization supports, individual member consultations.
    (Supporting the preparation of proposals for projects of national interest, etc., assisting cooperation efforts between companies and regional governments)
    Promoting the training of Kampo-related personnel( developing training resources, etc.)
  2. Policy Planning
    Kampo-related policy planning, Proposal execution
    (Considering the requests and viewpoints of member companies and regional governments)
  3. Research
    Carrying-out the research necessary for industrialization policy-making.
    (Reporting and sharing research results among regional governments and member companies)
  4. Information Dissemination
    Dispatching PR information related to Kampo industrialization
    (Holding lectures, symposia, Kampo promotional events, etc.)

Organizational and Administrative System

Founding Members Kenji Watanabe(Prof., Keio University, MD, PhD),
Pasona Group, Inc.; Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Member Konica Minolta, Inc.
Cooperative Founders Kanagawa Pref., Toyama Pref., Nara Pref.
Secretariat Mediva Inc.

※As of April 2019

Director Representative Kenji Watanabe(Prof., Keio University, MD, PhD)
Director Yasuyuki Nanbu(Pasona Group, Inc.; Representative Director Group, Representative)
Yoshihiko Kawamura(Hitachi, Ltd.; COO)
Inspector Koichi Shibuya(Representative Director, Rickey Business Solutions Co., Ltd.)
Advisor Yutaka Aso(Chairperson and CEO, Aso Co., Ltd.)
Takashi Mitachi(Senior partner & Managing Director Tokyo, The Boston Consulting Group)

※As of February 2017